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This is a disease of the optic nerve that causes gradual decrease in your peripheral vision. There are various types of glaucoma and you will need a full evaluation by the ophthalmologist.

We have the latest laser machine available called a SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) laser that can eliminate the need for glaucoma drops. It has a very good safety profile and is now together with drops considered to be first line treatment of open angle glaucoma. Drops has many side-effects like red, irritated eyes and this can be eliminated with this laser. Your ophthalmologist needs to perform a full evaluation to confirm that you are a candidate for the laser ADD: link to SLT laser explanation and you tube video.

It is important to note that any glaucomatous optic nerve damage and loss of visual field cannot be regained. Therefore, your intra-ocular pressure (eye pressure) and optic nerve function needs to be evaluated at least every 6 months.

Glaucoma is a “prescribed minimum benefit (PMB) condition” and therefore by law needs to be covered by your medical aid.